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cPanel II

$7.49/mo* Buy now

cPanel IV

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cPanel VIII

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cPanel II

For small startups

$7.49/mo* Buy now

*Above Prices for Annual Plans

cPanel IV

For medium startups

$8.49/mo* Buy now

*Above Prices for Annual Plans

cPanel VIII

For big companies

$13.99/mo* Buy now

*Above Prices for Annual Plans

Hosting Features
vCPU 1 1 2
Physical RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Disk Space 20 GB 40 GB 80 GB
Bandwidth 2 TB 4 TB 8 TB

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The best cPanel VPS hosting comes with easy-to-use control panels for those on a mission! The cheapest cPanel VPS hosting is the perfect choice to pre-install the control panel on a web server. Let’s supercharge your business with managed cPanel/WHM VPS server

Powerful Hardware
  • 40 Gbps network capacity.
  • Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4.
  • Multi-Core (20 cores / 40 threads).
  • Low Latency Infrastructure.
  • Complete Root Access. 
Best Features

  • Dedicated IP with IPV4.
  • Free SSL Secured Layer
  • Instant cPanel Installation.
  • Free cPanel License.
  • Easy to Upgrade Resources
  • Node JS/ MySQL/ PHP / Perl.
Free Resources
  • Seamless MySQL Database
  • Free cPanel Migration*
  • On Demand Disk Space.
  • Allow RAID Technology.
  • 99.95% Server Uptime.
  • JetBackup (Optional).
Top 7+ Security Tool
  • cPguard License (Optional).
  • DDoS Protection (Available)
  • Email Spam Protection(Buy)
  • CSF Firewall (Included).
  • ModSecurity (Included).
  • SpamAssassin (Included)
All in One & Best Operating System
  • OS : Centos 7
  • OS : Centos 8
  • CloudLinux (Optional).
  • CMS Application.
  • KVM Virtualization.
  • Tier IV Data Centre Server.

Buy cPanel VPS Hosting - Fully Managed

Take advantage of cheap VPS with cPanel/WHM with SSD based premium hosting environment. We are best at providing robust and reliable control panels in today’s competitive marketplace. You will enjoy the cheapest cPanel VPS hosting and WHM VPS hosting solution to improve your website user’s experience.

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Should I get cPanel in the VPS hosting plan?

Definitely yes! There are multiple top VPS hosting with Cpanel providers available in the market. Those offering easily manageable cPanel with VPS hosting packages at very affordable hosting plans. Our low-cost VPS hosting with cPanel results in a production-friendly environment for web owners with great features.

What are the benefits of using cPanel on a VPS server?

cPanel is a very necessary factor for every VPS server. Without a control panel server, you are not able to do some administrative functions. So here are some benefits of VPS with cPanel: 1- Managed Resources: Managing and allocating resources is the vital and basic function of Cpanel. That helps to reduce downtime and memory space by proper allocation of resources. 2- Regular Backup Process: Weekly Jet backs up your valuable files in a storage disc, preventing users from losing vital information. If a situation like a server crash arises. They can easily recover your files from the storage device. 3- This Great Site Security: Using a technologically advanced security process promises the safety of your website. Due to the SSL certificate’s encrypted connection, many users may show more trust in your server. And it increases the possibility of repetitive visitors. This may finally result in a high conversion ratio. 4- Full Root Access: With the help of root access, you can speed up your process by operating the resources. The features like adding new domains, sub-domains, updated software, email account, etc. Here you are able to work independently and do not need to wait for a longer time for your hosting provider to do so. 5- Low-Cost Hosting: The cost of cPanel totally depends on your VPS host and secondly on your needs. Most of the time control panel charges are included in your VPS server monthly package. If you want to buy Cpanel separately, then you can purchase it from data centers it is often offered at affordable prices.

Is Dopamain an affordable VPS with a cPanel provider?

If you want to switch from shared hosting and have a tight budget. Then cheap VPS hosting with cPanel is the perfect option for you. Dopamain offers an advanced version of cPanel VPS server hosting. They specially designed improvised cPanel and WHM. And also get a cheap cPanel license with it.

Why Choose cPanel VPS Hosting from Dopamain?

Dopamain is the best choice for cost-effective VPS hosting with cPanel and WHM. We help you to manage your website with all VPS hosting with cPanel and WHM server actions dedicatedly. In addition, our cPanel VPS hosting control panel provides fantastic UI and automation tools. That is constructed to simplify the process of Cpanel VPS server hosting with the following features: - Free SSL-secured server, - Cheapest cPanel license, - Instant cPanel installation, - Mutated Advanced security, - All Time available 24/7 support, - Unlimited Storage, - 99.99% Server uptime Assurance, - 21x Fastest loading speed. Don’t be scared of managing your VPS platform. Dopamain brings a readily accessible VPS cPanel server setup for you.

How much does a cPanel VPS license cost?

Dopamain offers a useful series of 3 different cPanel VPS plans as cPanel II/IV/VIII with technical configuration including: 1- cPanel VPS Hosting License for precise and controlled management. 2- SSD-based Firewall Configuration. 3- Malware Protection Tool to save your data from cyber-attacks. All these amazing features you can get at just $28.22/month. We ensure that you will have excellent stability and speed as compared to another budget cheapest VPS hosting with cPanel plans. So don’t miss the opportunity to get quality features at really reasonable prices.

What is the difference between managed vps and unmanaged VPS hosting?

Your managed VPS hosting provider will handle all technical aspects like software installation, server configuration, software, and operating system update, etc. So you have a good opportunity to give more attention to scaling up your business rather than worrying about server management. In unmanaged VPS hosting, you need to maintain the server side by yourself. For that, it is necessary to have complete knowledge of the operating system and its commands.